Monday, September 11, 2006

Paying Tribute

The best way to pay tribute to nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives, five years ago today, when the World Trade Center collapsed is to go to the polls this November, as well as in 2008, and vote out those with the mindset of the vice president who Sunday acknowledged that the ouster of Saddam Hussein, and the war in Iraq, are irrelevant to the war on terror. The best way to pay homage to the memory of those who died that September 11th is to demand answers as to why capture of Saddam Hussein was relevant while capture of bin Laden gets music on hold.

The best way to honor the memory of all those whose sacrifice, at Ground Zero, will continue to disturb as long as the word "disturb" resonates is to demand accountability, across party lines, from those who forget that lives continue to be lost so others may profit.

An administration that proves to be relentless in its quest to roll back privacy, civil liberties, due process, checks and balances, and shred the First Amendment is hardly what one should expect, or allow, to rise from the eternal flame that was 9/11.