Thursday, January 04, 2007

On Loan from Charlie's Angels...

After the lurid hangover that was the hanging of Saddam, ooooh, it does this transplanted New Yorker's heart good to see a fellow New Yorker come forward and give the boot to the shooter-in-chief; way to go, Charlie Rangel! Who better than the man whose name is synonymous with righteous indignation, integrity, and accountability to place himself as close to the pulse of power brokering, in the inner sanctum of Congress, as one can reasonably get.

Never one to parse words, the Congressman's rationale for giving the veep the heave-ho is that the office has been "historically designated" for the chair of the Ways and Means Committee; bravo. We can rest assured, with Charlie Rangel at the helm, that we will not only have the ways, but the means to put us on the path to national sanity, once again.

It does the heart good to know that somebody's angels were busy, over Christmas, filling the shelves not just with holly, but chutzpah enough to ensure that, come January 4th, the second floor office that was once the vice president's would now bear the words "Ways and Means Committee," yes!

Look at your Congress, America---barely in session for 8 hours, and already corruption is being asked to find a new place to hang its hat. Look at your Congress, and dance in the streets. You did this, we did this; this is isn't just symbolism, this is poetry, poetic justice, and what a vivid reminder that this President has spent his political capital; a reminder with a view, no less.

And, it makes this apple to the core girl proud to know that, as of today, the room just yards away from the House floor belongs to Rep. Charles Rangel, and not to Vice President Dick Cheney. Now that we're beginning to purge ourselves of that intellectual bulimia known as neo-conservatism, we may have stumbled upon yet another way to get rid of these overpaid termites besides impeachment; hell yeah, why not evict the whole lot? Trent included!

A spokesperson for the vice president says they've decided to take the "high road," and let Ways and Means have Cheney's office; moreover, they always thought of the office as being "on loan." Who cares whether they take the "high road," the low road, or any road in between, just so long as they get out of Dodge. What's more, for my money, the White House, and the government itself is on loan; it all belongs to the people.