Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caveat Oscar

At a time when there is a war in progress, when the vice president suggests that those who question the legitimacy, and/or strategy, of that war are aiding Al Qaeda, including the speaker of the House aren't we glad that we have "Little Miss Sunshine," celebrity red carpets, as well as grandiose ceremonies to distract us from the fact that:

Earlier this week, Cheney remarked that when Nancy Pelosi challenges not merely the presidential troop escalation, but our very presence in Iraq, she is aiding Al Qaeda. And, when trying to reach the president to complain, Pelosi was instead re-routed to the White House chief of staff. Yes, that's right, the president of the United States declined to accept a telephone call from the newly-elected speaker of the House.

At a time when there is a war in progress, and bloodshed...

a Washington, D.C. federal appeals court affirmed the constitutionality of an earlier ruling denying more than 60 Guantanamo Bay detainees the right to a court hearing.

And, Canada's highest court "unanimously struck down" proposed legislation in that country which would have allowed them to hold terror suspects without charge, for an unlimited amount of time, and instead opted to uphold human rights, and due process.

While, just yesterday, the Army announced that it plans, once again, to re-try First Lieutenant Ehren Watada on charges of conduct unbecoming, and refusing to return to service in Iraq despite declaration of a mistrial earlier this month; charges that could carry up to six years in prison.

At a time when the results of nearly a year long military investigation into administrative procedures at Walter Reed Medical Center have uncovered the kind of neglect, and improper medical treatment of those who return from this war

Any even halfway rational person needs to ask, and this president wants another $100 billion for this poor excuse of a war on terror?

Far be it for me to say that Oscar should be put on hold, or turned over to voicemail as was the speaker of the House only that, while on our way to those Oscar parties, we might want to think about those, half a world a way, who await our footsteps, missiles, and fleet with fear, and dread. as well as those who are daily losing wives, husbands, sisters, and brothers, so we may spread "democracy."

Caveat Oscar: just think that the word "decadence" has decay built into it, and what is it if not decadence to purchase a $4 million necklace, or a $40,000 gown to wear for one evening a year.

We might also want to think about those in Darfur who would benefit from even a tiny piece of that $100 billion for food, shelter, instead of what the Horn of Africa now receives for so-called "counter-terrorism" efforts.

We might also consider what even a quarter of that proposed $100 billion would do for those less than a dozen miles away on Los Angeles' Skid Row, as well as those homeless, and uninsured families around America . In order to survive not merely as a democracy, but as a just, and equitable society, we must put out the red carpet for them, too.