Saturday, September 22, 2007

Who needs Health-Net when we have Hillary-Net?

In an appearance on the Today Show, Hillary Clinton has, once again, clearly demonstrated who's paying her cab fare-- the HMOs and big pharmaceutical companies. How can anyone expect reform from an administration, on either side of the aisle, that consistently obscures the line of demarcation between national health insurance, and mandated medical coverage.

It's appalling to hear the leading Democratic presidential nominee talk about health insurance in much the same way as her Republican counterpart, Mitt Romney, who introduced a similar bogus "universal health care" measure to his constitutents in Massachusetts which has resulted in dire consequences for those who can least afford to pay monthly insurance premiums.

Mandating car insurance is one thing. One can live without a car; nearly two-thirds of the world does. Mandating health insurance is something else again. One can measure the integrity of a government by its response to those in need. Chronic, and contagious illness threatens the health of the community. Any state that is prepared to spend billions to go to war for oil, and military contracts, and allows its citizens to go to bed hungry, homeless, and without health coverage is one that will live on in infamy. Stop the big fraud of "universal health coverage," and expose it for what it is------lining the pockets of the big HMOs and pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the working man and woman in this country.

The larger issue isn't whether health care providers are regulated or not, but whether or not those who can least afford to pay to see a doctor will be required to do so under this proposed plan. The pain at the pump will pale in comparison to the pain felt by anyone who dares to find themselves at the mercy of HMOs, in a medical emergency, under any program that requires those least able to afford coverage to pay for their own health care.