Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An Open Letter to John Edwards

Dear John,

The news that you have decided to drop your candidacy for president turned an otherwise sunny day into a dark one for me, but we must all respect your decision. How unfortunate, for our country, that an honest campaign has degenerated into a horse race, and that focus has been placed on that which has allure, novelty, and is, in the end, of little consequence instead of on issues that will reverberate for generations to come, such as future appointments to the Supreme Court.

In your insistence on articulating specifics, and not succumbing to the generality fatigue of campaign rhetoric, you have infused day-to-day politics with a dynamism, intelligence, and integrity that will not soon be forgotten, and shown inspired leadership.

I, for one, hope that, like Senator Kennedy, you will continue to speak up for those causes that mean the most to this country, and make your voice heard. We need to stay focused on economic justice, voter nullification, and socioeconomic disenfranchisement. We cannot afford to drop the ball on corporate greed, and the insidiousness of special interest lobbies. We need empowerment by wisdom, not weapon, and leadership that isn't afraid to admit that they've made a mistake.

Your presence will continue to be felt by all those who admire courage, sincerity, and who think the working man and woman of this great country deserve a fair shake.