Monday, March 03, 2008

A postscript...

A comment to my piece, "Why were they fired," which was also posted on The Huffington Post, agreed with my assertion that "all the President's men" should be held accountable for their infractions, and subversions against the Constitution, and democratic process; but how? the commentor asked when Congress appears to have reached a stalemate.

While I don't profess to have the answer, one possible solution might be to appoint a special prosecutor to hold the Department of Justice liable for obstruction of justice in their failure to enforce subpoenas against Miers and Bolten, as well as to consider holding Attorney General Michael Mukasey in contempt of Congress.

It's clear that not only is Mukasey following in the yes-man footsteps of his predecessor, Alberto Gonzales, but he is willfully, and knowingly, collaborating with the executive branch to impede a congressional investigation. Were the attorney general to be a private citizen, would this not be called obstruction of justice?

Ultimately, the accountability question has an expiration date inasmuch as the current gang will be on their way back to Dodge in January, but if the recent elections in Russia and Cuba are any indication of a global trend, then it looks like we may well be talking about holding President McCain accountable for abuse of power four years from now.

And, more importantly, in light of today's major primaries, if Rush Limbaugh's endorsement means anything, along with that of President Bush, then a Hillary White House may indeed spell business as usual, and the kind of status quo that would make Thomas Jefferson roll over in his grave.