Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fleeting Expletives

Now that the Supreme Court upheld the government's ban on the use of four letter words on TV, and radio, here's a question for them: when will they ban torture?

Yes, of course, "cruel and unusual punishment" is already prohibited under the Eighth Amendment, yet we've seen how water boarding has been used, in much the same way as on the air obscenity, to circumvent that ban.

And here's a question for our friend Justice Scalia who complains about "foul mouthed glitteratae from Hollywood." What about the fleeting expletives used by the executive branch? Is not a lie an expletive?

Now if this word was only a fleeting expletive---war! But, thanks to those who'd like to regulate diction, fear has become a cash industry, and obscenity front page news.

In the end, what offends our sense of public decency more--a four letter word for procreation, or falsehoods about the reasons for taking us to war, the number of civilians lost, and the real cost, in human life and suffering, brought about on the many to profit the few.

The justices did leave the door open,for lower courts, to further discussion of any property damage that may ensue from this ruling. In light of its recent interpretation of the Second Amendment to include the right to own guns, including assault rifles, future generations can only find Judge Scalia's comments, and this recent ruling on "fleeting expletives," lamentable.