Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Speech of a Lifetime

President Obama gave a speech, this afternoon, at Notre Dame that ranks up there with all of the greatest speeches in history, and was as good, or better, than any that John F. Kennedy ever gave.

Speaking in simple truths, these were the words not just of a man of knowledge, not just of a great thinker, but of a truly wise man.

While we may not agree with his stand on every position, while we may be inclined to view nuance as flip-flopping, while we may think that he is moving in a direction that makes us less than secure in what we think we know, of one thing we may be certain: we did a good thing electing Barack Hussein Obama president of the United States.

Today, everyone whether left, conservative, centrist, pro-choice, or pro-governmental intervention into reproductive rights, and even if for just one moment, can celebrate being American again.