Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chicken Little vs. the NSA

Two chickens have been arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York this afternoon on charges of domestic terrorism.

The Department of Homeland Security reportedly apprehended the chickens after they were found to be carrying a half dozen eggs under their wings when passing through the airport scanner,and accused the pair of intentionally carrying salmonella poisoning across state lines.

They were detained by an agent for the National Security Agency while waiting for a connecting flight. The larger chicken was identified as Chicken Little.

An anonymous bystander said she overheard one chicken remark that she was not carrying toxic eggs, but instead what she thought would be her first native born grandchildren.

When asked for their documentation, neither chicken could provide evidence that they were raised on an American farm. They said they escaped from the Foster Farms display at Safeway.

A public defender has been appointed for the chickens who are scheduled to be arraigned in a midtown couthouse next Monday, and a federal judge will hear arguments in Chicken Little vs. the NSA.