Sunday, October 10, 2010


Seeing this many tens at one time, got me to thinking about how, as a child, I'd get confused between the letter "I" and the number "1, and I had an idea: remove all the zeros, and you've got: 1/1/1.

In an age when #1 has never been more important and verges on being maxed out frankly, I also started thinking about the difference between being 1, and being whole as they're often light years apart.

There is another important distinction to be made: to hope is not the same thing as to aspire. Hope implies passivity whereas to aspire suggests the kind of active, and critical intelligence needed for concrete change.

So, on this day 10/10/10, a date none of us living will ever see again, it occurs to me that we must aspire to greatness even if we hope for less.

In the end, greatness is never about a couple of 1's followed by a couple of 0's, but must include you, 2!