Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This Is Not Rand Paul's America

Those who wanted to see a Paul in the White House will be happy to know that he is one step closer as of last night. Only this time, it's not Ron Paul, but Rand.

Yes, Rand Paul, a man who openly admits he would not have voted for the Civil Rights Act, and that he thinks it's perfectly fine for businesses to pick and choose whom they want to serve is one giant step closer to a Republican Party presidential nomination.

Before that happens, we must stand up proudly, and say, "It's too late, Mr. Paul, to take your country back to where it was before the Civil War. You no longer reflect the majority. We are now a nation of black, brown, and yellow; we are a nation of red, and blue. We speak Spanish, Chinese, Farse. We are Muslims, Jews, and atheists. We are straight, and we are gay. And, we're going to your country clubs, and your golf course. We'll be sitting next to you at your favorite watering hole. We're here, and we are here to stay."

For those who think affirmative action still counts, and who fought for equal rights and equal opportunity, roll up your sleeves. The fight began, and didn't end, last night.

We will deny Mr. Paul his John F. Kennedy senatorial moment with his wife, and children standing behind him, and that unspeakable look that destiny has called him to change the course of this country. We must work to see that a white man intent on taking back his country from people of color doesn't prevail for this is what the tea party is really about. It is the pain and misery of the confederacy repackaged, and recycled . Their pain must not be our pain.

We will fight this battle, and we will win, in memory of another president, John F. Kennedy, who strove to make it possible for children of color to attend the same schools as white children. We didn't allow the confederate flag to fly in this nation's capital more than a hundred years ago, and we will not allow it now either.