Wednesday, March 30, 2011

75 years!

For those of you who have been following the musings of Aunt Sylvia, my father's older sister who is quite a character, yesterday was her 75th wedding anniversary. She has now been married to Uncle Ellie (nee Alex) for a lifetime!

The below account is about their wedding anniversary celebration from her granddaughter, and my second cousin, Bonnie:

"Yesterday was a wonderful day. Grandma Sylvia was the star of the show. It's so amazing how much life is left in 2 people. The last 6 months have been a big adjustment for them. Grandma is still 30 in her mind. Grandpa is getting up there but she keeps him going by making him completely Meshugana. Mom still sees them just about every day. Shes great.

The "Palms" is a very nice place though. They have a lovely 2 BR, 2 bath apt and the facilities are well decorated in good taste and immaculate. Staff is amazing as well. Most importantly they have round the clock care if needed. I don't know if grandma told you about the night she accidentally pulled the emergency cord at 3 am and when she turned around there was a 6 ft women standing over her. She jumped out of her socks. LOL

They also have a beautiful library (very Ralph Lauren), entertainment room, dining room, etc. I tell grandma I want to move in. It's better than the Hilton.

It was funny, yesterday when the music started playing, grandpa asked his bride to dance. I heard her say to him: "Why would I dance with you, you're so old." She did anyway. It was priceless.

Sylvia was truly the "Belle of the Ball." When flashbulbs were going off, she posed like a sex symbol loving every minute of it. Fantastic!"

Here is a link to an article about their anniversary from TCPalm, as well as links to some photos: photo of the couple taken on their wedding day, March 29, 1936 photo of the couple at their 75th
wedding anniversary