Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't push your luck

Talk about strange dreams. Last night, I dreamt I had a job interview in a five star hotel of all places, and there was no place to fill out the application but on the roof.

I had to go through the restaurant to get to the staircase that led to the roof. It seems to take no time at all to get there. The ledge was so thin, I didn't know how anyone could sit on it and not fall off, but they did because a couple next to me talked away while eating Sloppy Joe's, and a
young girl spoke heatedly on her cell phone.

The pen I was writing with ran out of ink, no one had another pen, so I couldn't complete the application unless I went back downstairs to find something to write with. Thought of taking the stairs, but I would have
been late for my interview, so I had to jump from the roof which I did.

I landed fine, brushed myself off, then I left my coat on the roof.
Thought I had time to go back up and get it. When I looked up from the courtyard, I realized that I had jumped something like 20 feet. Happily,
I couldn't find the stairs that led back up to the roof, so I didn't get another shot at jumping. Moral of the dream: don't push your luck.