Sunday, November 27, 2011

From Molly Ivins:' "The Uncompassionate Conservative"

The buffet currently being served by the bevy of Republican wannabes hasn't changed all that much over the past decade.

Since Molly Ivins is no longer here to serve up the truth herself, she passed five years ago in January, here's a timely excerpt from a 2003 piece, "The Uncompassionate Conservative," by inimitable, and legendary Texas columnist which first appeared in Mother Jones:

"What is the disconnect? One can see it from the other side -- people's lives are being horribly affected by the Bush administration's policies, but they make no connection between what happens to them and the decisions made in Washington. I think I understand why so many people who are getting screwed do not know who is screwing them. What I don't get is the disconnect at the top. Is it that Bush doesn't want to see? No one brought it to his attention? He doesn't care?

Okay, we cut taxes for the rich and so we have to cut services for the poor. Presumably there is some right-wing justification along the lines that helping poor people just makes them more dependent or something. If there were a rationale Bush could express, it would be one thing, but to watch him not see, not make the connection, is another thing entirely. Welfare, Medicare, Social Security, food stamps -- horrors, they breed dependency. Whereas inheriting millions of dollars and having your whole life handed to you on a platter is good for the grit in your immortal soul? What we're dealing with here is a man in such serious denial it would be pathetic if it weren't damaging so many lives."