Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney's To Do List

Earlier today, I was thinking about what might happen if, on the night of November 6, Mitt Romney prevails, and wins the White House. I imagined him walking over to his desk, picking up a memo pad, and making up a "To Do List." What would that list look like?

"To Do List for First Term, January, 2013:"

1) Keep election promise, and overturn Romneycare.

2) Move troops from Kabul, Afghanistan to Tehran, Iran, and inaugurate air strikes.

3) Give cash bonuses to border patrol who have the greatest number of undocumented immigrants that "self-deport."

4) Sign an executive order to make permanent tax cuts to individuals who earn more than $250,000 a year. Finalize the Bush tax cuts on the upper 2%.

5) Make at least one appointment to the Supreme Court that will turn over the right to a legal abortion to the states, as well as work to undo affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, and insure that interstate gun sales legislation is controlled by the states not the federal government.

6) Meet with the French leader, and tell him that the leader of Germany is really a socialist.

7) Work for a constitutional amendment that simulates the Defense of Marriage Act.

8) Expand the Gaza blockade

9) Bring back travel restrictions on Cuba

10) Declare Hugo Chavez a terrorist, and put Venezuela on the terrorist list.

11) Bring back the ban on assault weapons. (This will infuriate the NRA, but even Romney will have to do that.)

12) Talk about lowering the deficit while at the same time raising it by increasing subsidies to big oil, big pharma, and big tobacco.

13) Build more federal prisons, and incarcerate more small time offenders.

14) Not only bring back child labor, and work to change child labor laws, but incentivize business to employ minors. Push not only to privatize social security, and Medicare, but to end the minimum wage.

15) Enhance the state secrets act such that anything the White House does can be classified. Essentially neutralize FOIA.

This is just for starters. I invite you to come up with the next five entries on what might be Romney's To Do List...