Thursday, January 03, 2013


President Obama has reportedly signed the controversial defense appropriation bill
which grants $633 billion for defense spending in 2013. This is down by about $60 billion from 2012's defense appropriation measure, which represents roughly a 10% decrease. It's unclear whether this $633 billion includes more than $530 billion that was spent in one year alone, 2011, on military contracts, or is just listed under DoD spending.

Keep in mind that the federal income tax increases set to go into effect on the top 1% of taxpayers as a result of the so-called fiscal cliff debacle will mean an additional $600 billion in revenue over the next ten years. The President has just signed a law
that will give the Department of Defense more than all the revenue collected from the marginal federal income tax increase over the next decade.

What is a bigger priority in this country now? Addressing income inequality, or building drones, and billion dollar embassies in Iraq, and Afghanistan? What is a bigger priority in this country now? Fattening the coffers of war manufacturers, and oil companies, or making sure that every school in America has enough books, desks, and computers, and that no child goes to sleep hungry?

These are our tax dollars that are being spent. We have a right to be outraged.