Friday, March 10, 2006

Hiding in plain sight

Forget Real T.V., how about this---"surreal T.V.?"

Guess who's coming to dinner on a reality television show in a living room near you? Watah Dufour, Osama bin Laden's niece, the same one who graduated from law school at Columbia, and who is now a practicing musician, as well as a Paris Hilton in training. How's that for theatre of the absurd?

Ms. Dufour laments the fact that people have "pre-conceived notions" about her when hearing who her uncle is. Whatever for? Frankly, I think we should be happy when anyone exercises one ounce of critical thinking in this country. We all seem to have vegged out, even all those high wired, flag waving folks from nearly 5 years ago who now wait in line to cuss out those who want to outsource their friendly neighborhood ports to her next of kin.

What next? What a lovely country when a member of Public Enemy #1's family gets to pose in saucy magazines, and make nice to the camera. Maybe she can persuade her equally famous uncle, Osama, to guest on the cover of GQ. Who knows? You think she might even give up his post office box, in Pakistan, or cell number? What about an e-mail address? If you, or I, had access to all that Saudi oil, we might be able to hide in plain sight, too.