Sunday, March 12, 2006

Quote of the Day -- hell, of the past 5 years...

"The only difference between Bush and Hitler is that Hitler was elected."

Kurt Vonnegut
March 2006
at Ohio State University
A Postscript:
Actually, there are a few other compelling, and noteworthy differences between the pair. First, Hitler was more well-read, or (mis) read; he (mis) read Nietzsche, for openers, whereas our president, on the other hand, thinks Nietzsche is a board that one uses to contact the dead. Secondly, El Fuhrer was (terrifyingly enough) hugely popular. Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that, in more parts of the world than we'd care to confess, he'd win re=election way more easily than Mr. Bush would. Arguably, the only thing more scary than Adolph Hitler are the people who elected him---yes, folks, he had quite the following, and in these "Mein Camp" days, we'd best be reminded that we, too, have a hand in the making the monster despots who will soon lead us to where the deer and the dinosaurs roam, as well as holding them accountable.