Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Primary Day...

Only three words come to mind today, and they refer to the elections of 2008:

Think Mark Warner!

Like many, I knew only that Warner is a former governor of Virginia, and shrugged when pundits suggested him as a Democratic contender for the president, but having caught much of a commencement address he gave, on C-Span, I can tell you this, Mark Warner is sharp as they come, (Harvard law, mind you), has high octane, ethics, a sense of humor, and the kind of rarefied intelligence tempered with charm and perspective I haven't seen since John F. Kennedy. To my mind, the Democratic Party now has two more viable, and electable options in '08, aside from Hillary: Mark Warner and Russ Feingold.

Keep your eyes open, and remember, nobody thought an unknown peanut farmer, from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, had a chance either!