Monday, June 12, 2006

who needs a warrant...

In the courtroom today, on the first day of proceedings of the ACLU's suit, the first of its kind, against the government for its now outed practice of warrantless domestic spying, the administration defended the program arguing that it falls within the parameters of presidential power, which appear to be expanding at a greater rate than global warming, but that proving it would "require revealing state secrets," as reported by the AP.

On learning of this defense, one can't help but wonder who really won the Cold War, after all, when a phrase like "state secrets" could just as easily spill out of the mouth of somebody like Stalin, Khrushchev, or any card-carrying member of the KGB. Is Totalitarianism now the breakfast of champions? Behind the transparent facade of the term "classified," what this administration appears to be saying is who needs a warrant when you have a Bush!