Saturday, August 12, 2006

Go Figure...

Don't you just love how the folks who brought us "the axis of evil," and "fear and trembling unto nausea," would just love to capitalize on the foiled terror plot, out of England, on Thursday, as a war on terror redux with made for cable footage of bin Laden, as well as other sinister "homegrown" threats to national security. Go figure, and what better time to arrange for the leak of this latest plot to blow up airlines less than 3 months before November's big race.

Already newfangled independent candidate Joe Lieberman stepped up to the plate, losing no time, he scrambled to put a happy face on the fortuitous nonevent with his suggestion supporting his opponent, Ned Lamont, would increase the odds of a terrorist strike exponentially. (WaPo). Needless to say, Lieberman's Republican cohorts, in Connecticut, agreed.
What better fodder for a precarious midterm election for the neo con artists than to resurrect the nightmare of 9/11, as well as the ominous specter of liquid, or chemical sabotage. And, indeed, what better time for the Democrats, and all those who oppose the failed operation in Iraq, to insist it was our own escalation of violence that emboldened, and inspired, the latest handiwork of Al Qaeda.

Moreover, what a cynical abuse of the electoral process, as well as the concept of representation, to prey on the vulnerabilities of a citizenry that is already overwhelmed, if bombarded with images of global viscera, and hostility. Still, as a rationale for an international agenda that amounts to little more than the exercise of testasterone over reason, we've now expanded the concept of multicultural terror to include domestic terrorists--coming soon to a Kent State near you?

The foreign policy misadventures of the Bush junior\'s administration are unparalleled since Napoleon\'s Waterloo, and some would say make even his papa blush.. Our old Roman friend Petronius, too, might well be impressed by the gross incompetence trying to masquerade as misguided leadership at every rung of the capital ladder. Beware a country that cries the loudest for national security. As history has shown us, repeatedly, all too often it is one that poses the gravest danger to world peace.

If nothing else, the past 5 years have shown us that the politics of preemption have brought us to where we are today in a real world, bloody battle, based on imaginary weapons, with an amorphous, and protean "enemy" that only increases, is better armed, and better equipped, than it was a few decades ago, in Afghanistan, where, as "freedom fighters," they were little more than rank amateurs.

Arguably, Hezbollah has gained supporters in Lebanon, Al Qaeda in Iraq, largely thanks to a military ethos that now threatens, once again, to reinvent itself, promising yet more misery to come unless warmongering, by any party, is seen for what it is, an act of terror against us all.