Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Necessary Distinction

There needs to be a distinction made between actions by Hezbollah, and those of the Lebanese people. Attacks on Lebanon, by any country, under the pretext of diffusing, and eliminating, Hezbollah fail to take into account that the Lebanese people are multicultural, and multi-ethnic. Picture what we, in this country, would do if two Americans were seized by a Canadian paramilitary group. Would the world community consider it appropriate to decimate the city of Toronto because one radical faction captured two soldiers from Sausalito? This is, in essence, what the Israelis are doing.

Whether one agrees that this radical Muslim faction, in Lebanon, poses a threat to the survival of Israel or not, one must accept that to bomb Beirut in the hopes of eradicating Hezbollah is like bombing Iraq in the hopes of destroying Al Qaeda.

When nations start lining up their ducks, everyone must duck. When occupation becomes a preoccupation, a world war is all but inevitable.