Sunday, October 22, 2006

a word on the difference...

There is little I detest more than having to spell things out, but due to confusion on the part of some who read my previous blog, "Thus Spake Zarabushtra," I'm compelled to explain what I meant....

Yes, Martha, there is a difference between "strategy" and "tactic," and I get that. What some folks missed was my statement that this administration has a "habit of warping distinctions" between things, and blurring lines of demarcation between concepts like strategy and tactics, enemy combatant and prisoner of war, oh, and yes, while we're at it, good and evil.
Moreover, think about this: can one profess to have as a strategy to bring peace to the world, and as a tactic bombing the hell out of Baghdad. Can one have as a strategy exporting democracy, and as a tactic electronic surveillance of their citizens at home, elimination of civil liberties, and the holding of AP photographers, as well as "terrorists" in Guantanamo Bay, without charge, in Iraq?

Something I learned very early on....when I was about 20, my father, who was among the smartest, and wisest people I've ever known, told me: "why don't you dress like everyone else, and try to fit in; you can always be who you are on the inside," and I said "because you become the uniform." Indeed, the tactic becomes the strategy---the dropping of bombs, and shooting of innocent Iraqi civilians becomes the big picture for defeat, an inevitable defeat, because anybody, for a single godawful minute, who seriously believes that Bush & Co. are fighting for the forces of good, and against evil belongs in the front lines of this war, and not on the sidelines, getting fat off their old man's oil profits.

Oh, and one more thing, smile when you say "stupid;" you may be looking in the mirror!