Thursday, May 10, 2007

How Is George W. Bush like the Weather?

Now that Prime Minister Tony Blair has tendered his resignation, and will step down the end of next month, it gives one pause to reflect on the impotency of American public opinion, and a Congress which, like Sisyphus, continues its uphill battle to mitigate against the military excesses Mr. Bush and his corporate gang bangers have brought to bear not merely on his native soil, but on the planet.

Those of us who give a crap about human rights and civil liberties might wish to tell Congress, it's time to show that the vote is not a vestigial organ of the body politic.

It looks like the old adage about the weather now applies here, too: everybody talks about the Bush administration, but nobody is doing anything about it. Let's get a move on, guys, the Old Country just passed us.