Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"a prescription for chaos"

As expected, President Bush vetoed the war funding bill today which passed both the House and the Senate. Calling a deadline for troop withdrawal "a prescription for chaos and confusion," (WaPo) the president showed, once again, who is the boss.

When you think about it, for one who has mastered malapropism better than any occupant of the Oval Office, in recent memory, Mr. Bush appears to have hit upon just the right word when he talks about a "prescription." Clearly, for this commander-in-chief, combat is a remedy, indeed a panacea, for whatever social evil, real or imagined, he comes across. And, for the right price, if there is no pretext for battle, this president has demonstrated an extraordinary aptitude for inventing one.

By vetoeing a concessionary bill which would have allocated nearly $125 billion more in wartime expenditure, this president comes remarkably close to Custer's last stand, and the only justifiable response from Congress must be to cut off all funding for this war, and bring the troops home now!