Friday, December 21, 2007

Forced Detox for Fox

It's time to give Fox the same treatment as Paris Hilton got, and suspend their license for broadcasting "under the influence." Given his supernatural luck, this week, Rupert Murdoch has, no doubt, been mixing it up, and partying hearty, but this is no excuse for waging a media war of "lies to end all lies."

Admittedly, these are the days when egg nog, spiked punch, and bubbly take the blame for the inevitable faux pas, but faux news is in a class by itself, so given this week's FCC ruling in favor of more media monopolies, it's time to send Fox to detox--maybe even jam their phone lines like the Republicans did to Democratic Headquarters,in New Hampshire, back in 2002. Why not start raining emails to our friends at the FCC, and demand gargantuan indecency fines for Fox TV! After all, isn't lying obscene, especially when one does so under the rubric of fact?

Last night, Fox News reported that 65% of Californians plan to vote for Gov. Schwarzenegger's so-called "universal health care" bill which forces families who can barely afford to fill their tanks, or pay their car insurance premiums, to now take on health care costs, as well.

Look for a pink signature Mercedes under your tree this year before you'll see free "universal" health insurance for Californians, or any Americans, based on legislation under review. What Fox didn't report is that the reason 65% of those polled support the measure is because media outlets like Fox are so adept at their misinformation campaigns, they make this summer's wildfires look like a family picnic.

Who knows what's behind Schwarzenneger's latest starring role as Macy's Santa? Maybe Ah-nold is warming up for a 2012 veep run with Hillary or Romney, or both Hillary and Romney the way things are going. Why would we let a little thing like the Constitution stop him from running? After all, it hasn't stopped us from suspending habeas corpus, has it?

Cripes, and we're still almost a year away from the election. Think about how much time this gives Fox, and other spin vendors, to manufacture even more weapons of mass delusion.

The Fox is out of the hen house, and the wolves of winter lie in wait.