Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Question of the Day

In a statement on state run television, in Cuba, the other day, Fidel Castro hinted that he may be willing to step down, and hand the reins of government over to a member of the younger generation. Quick to jump on the story, the mainstream media, in the U.S., announced what they called Castro's "retirement."

But, there is one vexing question. How is it that the Cuban leader who, for nearly half a century, has been portrayed as a dictator is now said to be approaching "retirement?" Do dictators get to retire? Retirement is a dignified term for being put out to pasture. It seems the American press is as acclimated to euphemism as those who have framed our foreign policy in recent years.

Or, is it just possible that after seven years of the Bush administration even Fidel Castro is starting to look good?

The way things are going, there are those who would have given Mussolini a gold watch, too.