Saturday, January 10, 2009

H. Res. 34

On Friday, a bill came before the House, H Res. 34, that recognizes Israel's right to defend itself against attacks in Gaza. Among those making statements about that resolution was Rep. Dennis Kucinich:

"In Gaza, the United Nations gave the Israeli army the coordinates of a UN school and the school was then hit by Israeli tank fire, killing about 40. The UN put flags on emergency vehicles, coordinating the movement of those vehicles with the Israeli military, and the vehicles came under attack killing emergency workers. The Israeli army evacuated 100 Palestinians to shelter and then bombed the shelter killing 30 people. Emergency workers have been blocked by the Israeli army from reaching hundreds of injured persons.

According to today’s Washington Post, one hundred survivors rescued in Gaza from ruins blocked by Israelis. Relief agencies fear more are trapped days after neighborhood was shelled. Today the US congress is going to be asked to pass a resolution supporting Israel’s actions in Gaza. I’m hopeful that we don’t support the inhumanity that has been repeatedly expressed by the Israeli army. The US abstained from a UN call for a cease fire. We must take a new direction in the Middle East, and that new direction must be mindful of the inhumane conditions in Gaza."

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

January 9, 2009