Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cheney Unplugged

Maybe you happened to catch our illustrious former vice president, Dick Cheney, interviewed earlier today by Politico, when he publicly admitted to endorsing "enhanced interrogation techniques," specifically referring to waterboarding. Cheney was arguing for what he considers effective legislation like the USA Patriot Act, and warrantless electronic surveillance of private citizens. His stunning admission to breaking the law was broadcast over the world wide web, and during primetime news hours, for everyone in this country, and around the world, to hear.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Cheney then asserted that President Obama's foreign policy which puts thought before action, proaction before preemption, will lead to what he calls another "terrorist attack."

He added that he shudders to think people like Obama, Holder, Panetta, and others in the new administration, are actually more concerned about reading people their rights instead of holding them indefinitely, without charges, without evidence or counsel, at Gitmo, or in Iraq, Afghanistan, and secret detention centers around the world. Why would anyone care about due process, and the rule of law? Puh-leeze!

Nothing, repeat, nothing that Al Qaeda can do has been more damaging to the Constitution, and the very democracy Cheney and gang profess to be protecting. That this is old news, and nothing is being done about it, is, arguably, the greatest indictment against America since our inception.

What would possess a former vice president to step forward now, so close to what amounts to a landslide election for the opposing party, and on the heels of a crucial "stimulus" vote? Clearly, Cheney is trying to incite Senate Republicans to fight for more funding for defense, and less for education. But, isn't his talk with the press rather like a bank robber stopping by the local branch of a bank he just hit for coffee and cookies? Maybe Dick Cheney is preparing to write his memoir which he plans to call: "The audacity of audacity!"

Close your eyes for a minute, and picture the videotape of Osama bin Laden warning America of another attack with that of Dick Cheney. Isn't their message, really, the same ---fear, fear, fear. Seems to me they have something else in common----neither Cheney nor bin Laden needs a bailout!

What does it say about this country's values that Tom Daschle is forced to step down for not paying taxes on a private car and driver given to him as a Senate perk while George W. Bush, Alberto Gonzales, and Dick Cheney get to retire at taxpayer expense!

The $60 million question, though, is where is our outrage that any elected official can break the law, and be arrogant enough to publicly admit it confident that he will inevitably escape prosecution for his acts.