Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Official!

It's official! Everybody's favorite senator, (second only to Senator Ted Kennedy, of course), Patrick Leahy, announced that the Senate is moving forward with forming a Senate Judiciary Committee version of the 9/11 Truth Commission to conduct a formal inquiry into the misadventures of the Bush administration.

Some of the topics on the menu include torture, violation of FISA law by illegally spying on Americans without first obtaining a warrant, making fraudulent claims to take us into Iraq, destruction of nearly 20 million White House e-mails in defiance of the Presidential Records Act, to name but a few.

If Karl Rove manages to duck any more House subpoenas, he will have earned the nickname of Artful Dodger. Mind you, it's not his artfulness, but instead the flaccidness of Justice in the face of what can, at the very least, be called contempt of Congress.

Let's hope that the Senate hearings are televised in the spirit of the McCarthy House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. More importantly, let's hope that this is not just about truth, but about consequences!