Thursday, April 19, 2012

E.T. Call Home?

If they're smart, the Democrats can make good use of E.T., the character from Steven Spielberg's movie, in their presidential
advertising campaigns.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, bears more than a passing resemblance to that fabled extra-terrestrial fellow.

And, Romney has about as much understanding of what it's like to have to live on food stamps, and figure out how to pay for new brakes for your car as E.T. does.

Mitt Romney never went to sleep hungry in his whole life. He can't even imagine eating pasta on Thanksgiving, or cutting an orange in half for two days' worth of lunch. For him, balancing the budget is an exercise in ideology. For 99% of the rest of us, balancing a budget is the only way we can survive.

Why the Ryan budget appeals to Romney is precisely because Ryan, too, is an Ayn Rand ideologue who lives with the rotting corpse of capitalism gone awry. If Ryanomics, lord forbid, were to become the 21st century version of Reaganomics, we'd be in a heap of trouble.
The Ryan budget is not only a wealth delivery vehicle, but one that will guarantee institutionalized poverty for generations to come.

What better use for E.T.'s image than to plaster Mitt Romney's face on it, and distribute it far and wide with a caption that reads "It's time for E.T. not just to call home, but to go home, too!"