Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Skinny Cat

Dreamt there was a skinny cat sleeping by the side of my bed. The cat was slim as an earthworm, and desperately needed a meal. When I looked around my house, I couldn't find any cat food anywhere, so I braved the traffic on Ventura Blvd., and stumbled into a market.

"Where is your cat food?" I asked one of the workers in the market. "It's on aisle 16," thus began my quest to find aisle 16. All I could find was aisle 15 and aisle 16. Went back to the same worker and said "There is no aisle 16. You sent me looking for food on an aisle that doesn't exist," so she searched the market with me and there, on aisle 17, was a shelf labelled "Cat Food," but the shelf was empty.