Monday, September 17, 2012

Arabian Sea

Had a dream last night that I was traveling abroad, and I had a meeting that required me to go to another country. My travel guide said I had to cross the Arabian Sea to get there.

After a frantic search, I found a cab driver who said he'd take me, and we got into his taxi and drove across the water. As I've always been afraid of water, I covered my eyes soon after the cab hit the water. The cab driver was a heavy smoker, but he kindly agreed not to smoke in the car.

When we reached the shore, I asked him, "Tell me one thing. Did we drive under the water?" And he said "No, this car is able to drive on water." The cab fare was only $13.50!

I got out, and inspected to see if there was any damage. The cab appeared to be a Mercedes sedan, and it had only a watermarks as if it had driven through snow. It was some kind of miracle, the car and I both survived the deluge.