Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Three Ring Security Cordons


No less than 5,000 U.S. marines, snipers, and other military, and paramilitary, personnel will protect President Bush this week on his visit to India. The personnel are part of what has been described as a "three-ring security cordon" around the president and First Lady Laura Bush. Mr. Bush's presence, in Delhi, is posing one hell of a security nightmare including attempts to thwart any attack by rocket launchers. I think this may be an unprecedented (unpresidented?) effort to protect any head of state since there were heads of state. While we knew W wasn't even close to winning any popularity contests, this is ridiculous.

It's certainly not uncommon for Islamist militants to be arrested in the capital, as well as other parts of India which have sizeable Muslim populations and, especially in light of the Danish publication of cartoons lampooning Mohammad, it comes as no surprise that the president would need to hop around town in helicopters in order to take part in scheduled events. That said, one would think that it is the vice president who poses the greatest threat in terms of target practice.

This president who has worked diligently, and sedulously, to flex his military muscles must now be surrounded by more elaborate security, and bodyguards, than anyone in the Gotti family could ever imagine, but one can only wonder who's been given the sacred duty of protecting "the crown jewels?"

There appears to be one thing we can be grateful for, at least American taxpayers aren't footing the bill for this three ring circus the way we have been for all the others!