Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza: Stop the Bloodshed--End the Occupation

In the wake of Israel's escalating bombardment of Gaza, and this latest violence against Palestinians which has been condemned by many in the Israeli press, and media, The New York Times reported late Sunday:

"At Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, women wailed as they searched for relatives among bodies that lay strewn on the hospital floor. One doctor said that given the dearth of facilities, not much could be done for the seriously wounded, and that it was 'better to be brought in dead.'"

Obviously, the media, in the U.S., have dropped the ball on Gaza. What's going on there should never have happened in the first place, let alone percolate to the point of explosion, and it would end quickly were it not for American compliance, as well as the absence of investigative journalism. The Israeli press have been more vocal in opposition to militarist aggression by its government. The press, in this country, have been effectively sup-pressed, and co-opted.

This is no longer about who is right and who is wrong. It is no longer a question of who struck whom first any more than what is going on now in Gaza is about the moral culpability, or political viability, of Hamas.

The ongoing occupation, and decimation, of Gaza defies reason, and forces one to ask whether there can be any justification for wholesale slaughter that is going on there. There is only one solution, and that involves compromise. All who think of themselves as human beings are also victims of this violence.