Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Supermarket in Hell

Had a strange dream last night that I went to the supermarket, and when I got my cart, I saw that I had to pass through a turnstile.

In my dream, the supermarket was charging for admission. The price was $20, and there was a machine that would take bills and convert them into tokens.

Luckily, I happened to have a twenty dollar bill on hand, so I put the money in the machine, and voila! there I was inside this mega-store with every conceivable product one could want.

The only problem was that the aisles were small, and appeared the more shopping I did. Every item was much more expensive even than in Manhattan or San Francisco.

And, though there was several cashiers on duty, the lines at the cash registers seemed to go on and on forever. I overheard a fellow on the line next to me complain that he couldn't get a signal.

Thinking I was going to be in line for awhile, I wanted to know what others shoppers thought, so I asked an older woman in line in front of me, and she lamented the days when milk was affordable. "It's not now," she said, "a quart of milk is $10."

As I was preoccupied conversing, a young woman who was standing behind me in line cut right in front of me and, sensing my confusion, adamantly remained there.

"Where am I?" I plaintively asked the fellow on the line next to me who was busy toying with his cell phone to get a signal. A supermarket in hell, he said. Oh my God, I thought, hell is even closer than we think!