Sunday, October 23, 2011

Requiem for a Squirrel

Taking my afternoon walk today when, out of the blue, a squirrel charges out of a tree, and heads for the road.

A large sports utility vehicle comes racing by. It must have been going 40 mph on a side street. I've never seen a squirrel fly back on the curb like that in my life. He was holding onto his nuts as if for dear life.

Yes, it's difficult to imagine, but all living things know when their survival is at risk. That was evident from the squirrel's instant reaction to the oncoming vehicle. The driver sped on ahead, turned the corner with uncanny arrogance, and never appeared to notice a thing. So, this is what Charles Darwin had in mind by evolution. Maybe the Creationists are right. Maybe we need a God to start from scratch all over again.

Thankfully, the little guy made it back onto the street, and up the tree as though nothing had happened, but that isn't true of his brethren who routinely get run down, and left for dead in the road.

How silly I must look to those folks like the driver of that behemoth SUV that I worry for the life of a little squirrel, and sillier still that I idenify more with that squirrel who ran for his life than with the burly brute who nearly ran him down.

History has shown that those who make the small run for cover will, sooner or later, be made to run for cover themselves.