Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A recent blog asks its readers to come up with a psychiatric diagnosis for John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, asserting that she could be borderline, bipolar, a sociopath, or any diagnosis of their choosing. The post cites descriptions for all of the pathologies taken from the Physician's Desk Reference.

This got me to thinking...far be it for me to defend Sarah Palin who, frankly, scares the wits out of me, but why is it that all the questions about mental health are landing on her when, for instance, we have a commander-in-chief who claims that he took orders from God to invade, and pummel Iraq, and that he's fighting a "war on terror" against an "axis of evil," (paranoid? schizophrenic? delusional), and a sociopathic Cheney-iac as his veep, who detaches himself from the executive branch whenever he's about to be held accountable for anything, and who allegedly hid out in cellars for months after 9/11.

Yes, and why all these aspersions cast solely on Ms. Palin when her running mate, John McCain, is legendary for his temper, and impulsivity, and who probably is still suffering from PTSD because it was never treated in the first place, (try spending as much time in solitary confinement as he did, and not having anger management issues).

Hell, there are some who find Sarah likable---she sure has charisma; she might even come across to some like Ronald Reagan in a dress (if you're Alfred Hitchcock, that is).

How about a little gender equity? If her name was Sal, for instance, she might be making sure the trains run on time in Sicily instead of running from the press in Denver, or firing troopers in Anchorage.

Okay, guys, so maybe the broad is a whacko, but she's got a lot of company; yes, some whackos in high places, so why point the finger at the bottom of the ticket when there's so much pathology at the top that still has yet to be addressed!