Thursday, September 04, 2008

Damn the Torpedoes Again

In her damn the torpedoes acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, last night, Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor, not only won her party's nomination, but she effectively auditioned for a remake of "Million Dollar Baby."

That said, the only reason, I can think of, for this dynamic duo is that both of their home states begin with the letter "A." While this may work for creationists, it doesn't cut it for those who'd like to believe we've made it out of the middle ages in one piece.

Among Palin's most memorable observations was that Barack Obama, at one time, was a community organizer. "Well," she said, "America is not a community, and we don't need an organizer."

Gov. Palin had a news flash for the American people. Well, we now have one for her: America may not be a "community," but it's not a congregation, either, and we, the people, won't allow ourselves to be steamrolled by a runaway executive branch again.

We face record deficits, and moral bankruptcy, thanks to the evangelistas of the 1990's, the Quayles, and Gingriches; the only ones who have benefited are the oil barons, and the credit card companies.

This country can no more afford someone within shooting range, or for that matter someone within shouting range, of the White House whose claim to fame is being able to gun down wildlife from 20,000 feet than we can afford to invite Edi Amin to a state dinner.

The folks who confuse shotgun weddings with shotgun diplomacy will put us one step closer to nuclear extinction whether they invoke the name of the almighty or not.

With McCain/Palin, the radical Christian right wing, not only has traction, they have teeth.