Saturday, September 20, 2008

These are the folks

These are the folks who brought us bankruptcy "reform" which enables the credit card companies to collect their gargantuan fees from average working men and women in this country who happen to fall on bad times, and need credit to help them out.

These are the same folks who have profited from the sacrifice of more than 4,000 service men and women in the name of a war that they knew was irrelevant, and purported only to bring about profit, and gross capital gain to military contractors, and soldiers of fortune.

These are the folks who invented "extraordinary rendition," and who tweaked the Geneva Conventions such that long held practices like waterboarding were no longer to be considered torture.

These are the folks who came up with the Military Commissions Act to nullify the War Crimes Act of 1994, thereby granting themselves immunity from being held criminally liable for their war crimes.

These are the folks who will get to retire, and live out their lives, at taxpayer expense, and whose parting gift is saddling every taxpayer with more than $3500 to let those on Wall Street who have managed to elude accountability for a generation, or more, off the hook.

This is your President and Vice President, America. This is your President and Vice President on drugs---the drug of power. Hold them accountable before they ride off into the sunset with your IRAs; hold them responsible before they run off with your history to build their presidential libraries, and leave you holding the bag