Sunday, September 14, 2008

George W. Bush, the sequel...

Sarah Palin, the Republicans pick for vice president (er, president?) may someday be known as George W. Bush, the sequel.

Mind you, the comparisons to Dick Cheney wear thin in a hurry, given the Alaska governor can bluff her way through the Bush doctrine which is more than one can say about the current vice president.

Rest assured that the novacaine, from the Bush years, will wear off as quickly if McCain/Palin are allowed to triumph, and we are about to lose the few rights we have left like so many loose molars.

Yes, guaranteed, too, by the end of McCain/Palin's first term, the legacy of George W. Bush will be that of a "compassionate conservative."

Keep this in mind when going to the polls in November: a vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin is not a vote for Harry Truman, but for Joe McCarthy on steroids.