Monday, October 20, 2008

Her Own Party?

Since Sarah Palin has been doing such a stand-up job, no pun intended, of distinguishing her platform from that of John McCain when it comes to ANWAR, and her latest plan to endorse a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, she might as well follow Dick Cheney's example, and secede from the executive branch.

Why not secede altogether before you're even in the executive branch? How's that for the Palin doctrine of preemption. Remember the days when vice presidents quietly connived behind their bosses backs like the puppet masters they really are?

It might look to some like Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney on steroids. Somebody ought to tell her that it's okay to play contrarian with a running mate, but it will cost you when he's your boss. Guess it's not called insubordination when Sarah Palin does it.

Palin is so good at striking out on her own that she might as well start her own party, or maybe even her own country? Best not to give her any more ideas. She has more than she can handle right now.