Friday, October 24, 2008

Ten questions to ask Joe Biden

by David Cay Johnston:

The above is a link to a sister piece, "Ten questions to ask Sarah Palin," which appeared here yesterday, written by Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston.

The companion article is posted here in the interest of fairness, and evenhandedness, with the understanding that I unequivocally, and enthusiastically, support the candidacy of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

This blog endorses Barack Obama for president. That said, it is essential to acknowledge that both the Democrats and the Republicans have been infected by the viral spread of the American Dream free market mentality, over the past 50 years, that has succeeded only in stoking the fires of war to line the pockets of
those whose finances have traditionally been recession-proof.

It is imperative that the next president, whoever that is, address, and correct runaway, unregulated free market fundamentalism, not just for the benefit of our own economy, but that of the whole world.