Sunday, October 12, 2008

Washington, D.C. Relocating?

Did you happen to catch Sarah Palin tell the Associated Press how "thankful" she is that panel findings show "there weren't any ethics violations, and no laws were broken."

If nothing else, the past thirty-odd years of American history have shown us that sociopaths have found a home in our nation's capital. Look at Richard Nixon who would be the first to tell you sociopaths have more fun.

Sarah Palin's not inventing the wheel; she's just picking up where Dick Cheney left off.

Thanks to Palin, and George W. Bush's outgoing mantra, "We do not torture," as well as John McCain's absurd, and memorable, insistence the economy is basically sound, it looks like we may soon expect Washington, D.C. will be moving to Egypt, so it can be closer to Denial!