Sunday, August 24, 2008

Timed Release

Understood there was no accusation of fraud, or embezzlement; nevertheless, explain why this story about Hunter Biden, son of Sen. Joseph R. Biden, is getting high profile coverage when another one, the resignation, (on a Sunday, no less) of Andrew McCain, son of Sen. McCain, from Silver State Bank got such limited press.

This is not to suggest that there was no impropriety, or backroom wheeling and dealing, in which Biden's son and brother had a hand in, only that it's curious timing given Saturday's announcement of Joe Biden as Obama's choice for vice president.

When you consider how much concern there is, and has been, justifiably, about assassinations, in this election year, you can't help but wonder how it is that political assassinations are overlooked,as are character assassinations--the kind in which Sen. McCain routinely engages when talking about his opponent. Doesn't anybody care about character assassinations anymore? We've turned into a nation of tabloid terrorists.

This sort of mudslinging is nothing new in your average garden variety campaign year, but the mainstream press has now become not only a collaborator in the lead-up to an illegal war, but has thrown its hat in the election ring by manipulating release of a story about lawsuits that are more than a year old to coincide with the feel good week of the Democratic convention. This kind of media intervention shows just how masterfully the Bush administration has managed to neutralize the press, and turn America into a three party country that includes George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and John McCain.

Bias is clearly one four letter word the F.C.C. has yet to fine.

If the mainstream media, in this country, wants to prove to posterity that it has even a sliver of independence, or backbone, left, those newshounds who broke the Hunter Biden story might think about returning the favor, in the days immediately following McCain's veep announcement, and do a much-needed follow-up on Andrew McCain's sudden, and inexplicable, disappearance from Silver State Bank.