Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Biden?

Why Joe Biden as Barack Obama's choice for veep? In a word, Georgia!

The events of the past few weeks, i.e. Russian troops storming Georgia, have been ammunition for the neo-cons, and John McCain.

Sen. Biden is a terrific candidate, but my thinking, for what it's worth, is that he wasn't at the top of Obama's short list until McCain's people made "national security," and "experience," the #1 issue. Well, it looks like it just backfired on them with Barack Obama's decision on a new running mate.

A caveat: the Delaware senator's long friendship with McCain might make it more difficult for him to hang tough in this election. And, any attempt to blur the lines between Democratic and Republican party platforms on ending the war in Iraq, and working towards disarmament, can only result in another Nader down the road, maybe as soon as 2012, and one who can win!

It looks increasingly like China, Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela aren't the only countries that have one party.

The differences between the two parties have little to do with foreign policy, but mostly with the economy. It's imperative for both Obama and Biden to stress this, and for Obama/Biden not to become McCain lite.