Saturday, August 23, 2008

Way to Go!

Sen. Joe Biden gave an inspired, and inspirational, speech his first as Obama's running mate, in Illinois on Saturday.

There are some, claiming to be experts, who argue that people vote for the person who is at the top of the ticket. Who would disagree? That said, it sure helps to know who's by his side, and I'm not referring to his spouse either.

Anyone who questions the importance of vice presidents must have been living in a shoe box for the past 50 years! One has only to look at Al Gore, and George H.W. Bush, not to mention Dick Cheney, who has been running this country, into the ground, for the past eight years.

While vice presidents aren't in the driver's seat, the vice presidency is part of the executive branch (despite our current vice president's best efforts to secede, and relocate to the Senate.)
Curiously, just about the only time this administration seems willing to surrender, or look for the exit sign, is when they're asked to accept accountability for anything. Whenever that phone just rings and rings at 3 A.M., and turns over to voicemail, you can be sure it's Congress calling for former White House aides, and counsel, to testify under a subpoena.

China isn't the only country hosting the Olympics this year; Washington, D.C. is, too. And, Barack Obama's smartest move yet has been to let the air out of the Republican foreign policy expertise tire by taking as his partner the chairman of the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. Well-done. Now America can rest assured that someone will be home, at any time day or night, when that phone call comes for accountability.

Coming soon, too, combat fatigues will be replaced by the working clothes of men and women in this country. The end of a crisis of leadership will jump start an economy mired in doubt, and secrecy as we see leadership that embraces domestic reconstruction not for profit, but for profit- sharing.

We may have a long road ahead, but at least we're on the right one.

Way to go, Joe!