Monday, January 16, 2006

"La Dolce WiFi?"

The results of a study by a prominent Italian sexologist were released by Reuters today, and they show, not surprisingly, that watching TV, in the bedroom, "halves your sex life."

Evidently, a little more than 500 Italian couples were questioned, and they report that the frequency of their lovemaking doubles when there's no television to watch. Italians, sans Letterman, copulate, on average, twice a week, a number which is cut in half when a TV set is factored into the equation. Alas, regrettably, the study doesn't take into account findings for us single folk.

Ccertain programs also appear more likely to act as deterrents to libidinal impulses. For instance, violent shows deal a blow, so to speak, to all sexual activity, in the boudoir, while reality TV only dampens the fire for about a third of the couples. Again, there are no reported findings, in this area, for those of the single persuasion.

I can only speak from firsthand experience, and can tell you that the Bible always worked wonders for me--especially the Old Testament; it must have been all the "begat" stuff, and imagining Moses descending from the mountain with his Ten Commandments... well... clearly, the man worked out! And, arguably, that he played Moses may be the only good thing one can say about Charleton Heston.

Who knows? maybe someone will get around to doing a study on the impact the Internet has on one's sex life someday!