Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Question of the Day

When the news becomes news as in the case of indicted Chinese journalist, and New York Times researcher, Zhao Yan, one wonders why those who manufacture bullet-proof vests made astronomical profits, last year, while those who report the news, and do so honestly, languish in prison in Beijing facing ten years in prison, or execution?
Mr. Yan's crime was merely having written a four sentence note which raised a question about the chain of command of those who govern his country. China has an overt department of propaganda to whom Beijing bureau chiefs of American newspapers, as well as the Beijing Times, are accountable.
The question of the day is:
To whom are members of the American press accountable, and why aren't news editors of every major American newspaper following the lead of news editors of The Beijing Times, on Thursday, who walked out in protest of the harassment, and firing, of one of their own? Has this become the home of the fraud, and the land of the lemming? What happened to the free, and the brave?
As for the rest of us who operate under the illusion that the same, or worse, couldn't happen to one of our esteemed, and honored, reporters, how about facing the music, and writing letters to Condy Rice, and the president, demanding that they intervene to save the life of a New York Times researcher, Zhao Yan, as well as speak out against his "shameful" detention, incarceration, and all but inevitable conviction, and butt out of who reports what, when, and where in America!