Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quote of the Day...

The decision yesterday to uphold Oregon's ruling on assisted suicide gave our new Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts, his first opportunity to dissent.

We already know how this administration views "disrupters" by their implementation of a "free speech zone" at public rallies, but here's a quote from Supreme Court Judge Scalia that is replete with the kind of irony which one finds in the best fiction.

The government, Scalia states, has long been able to use its powers "for the purpose of protecting public morality," and right he is. We've seen, over the past few years, just how well this government has protected public morality in Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo, in redefining international law, as well as rationalizing torture. This is one kind of protectionism the world can do well without.